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Are you wondering which holiday gift basket is #1 for your occasion? You'll find some of the standards: Christmas tree ornaments can sit atop a Christmas or holiday gift basket filled with golden candles, gourmet food, decorated cookies, edible candy house and holiday cake. If you're not sure, gourmet baskets can't ever go wrong for any occasion.

Have you ever been given that baby shower invite and wanted to know what incomparable baby present you should bring the expecting parent? I've always desired my baby gift to be valued by the expectant parents. We've all been to showers where three quarters of the friends bring the same old, ordinary outfits from the mall. How routine! I try to buy original and customized gifts that'll make my fellow guests squeal with delight.

Welcome to! A family operated business, where gift baskets are so carefully placed together by our Gift Basket Artists. We take a strong pride in constucting and announcing food gift baskets with some of the best stock designed both locally here in Vermont, and far off. Handmade chocolates, light, sweet grade A maple syrup, and freshly spun honey from local apiaries are just some of the few of the heavenly food products you'll enjoy at our web based store - stop in today!



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