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Multifocal Hybrid Contact Lenses by Synergeyes

"A true breakthrough in bifocal contact lens design"

The Contact lens specialists at Obrig Contacts are pleased to report the new synergeyes multifocal contact lens is currently available in a select number of parameters. The lens itself is designed with a gas permeable center which will provide a quality of vision superior to most soft lenses. Attached to the gas permeable center is a soft lens skirt which will provide added comfort.

The practitioners at Obrig have been working with the Synergeyes family of contact lenses, including the standard "A" design and the keratoconus "KC" design since the original release. "We have hundreds of happy patients that wear synergeyes lenses and are excited to offer this latest advancement".

Multifocal and bifocal contact lenses are designed for those people whom require additional reading correction, this condition is referred to as presbyopia and effects most everybody in their early to mid 40's.

If you would like to be evaluated for this latest multifocal contact lens modality, call our office today at (212)758-0973 and schedule a lens fitting.

We look forward to seeing you soon