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Susan E. Mazure, FCLSA
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Susan E. Mazure

Contact Lens Specialist
Fellow of The Contact Lens Society of America

Susan has been Obrig’s premier contact lens fitter and president of the company for almost 40 years (although you would not know it from the looks of her). Susan began fitting contact lenses at the inception of corneal "hard contact lenses" and has been devoted to providing her patients with the best service and lenses available ever since.

Susan has been recognized time and time again throughout the industry as a pioneer in contact lens care. She was one of the first women ever distinguished with the title of Fellow via the Contact Lens Society of America. A title she is still very proud of to this day.

Patients of Susan's enjoy the fact that she understands their visual and comfort demands with contact lenses. She works efficiently to find the best lens system for every scenario and eye.

Her dedication to the field and her patients has helped her develop a reputation as the “contact lens go to girl” for all challenging and difficult fits. Her areas of specialty go well beyond that of most contact lens experts. Her colleagues often refer to her as the “contact lens encyclopedia” based on her knowledge of the industry.

Susan is a Licensed New York State Ophthalmic Dispenser, Contact Lens Fitter, and Fellow of the Contact Lens Society of America.