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Steve Cogger

Contact Lens Specialist
Fellow of The Contact Lens Society of America

Steve specializes in the truly “hard to fit” contact lens cases. His area of expertise focuses on applying new breakthroughs and technological advances in the area of contact lenses to everyday practical uses. He is extremely patient and understands the visual demands of most any patient.

This incredible ability to understand a patients needs makes him a wonderful lens fitter for people of all ages. Steve has been known to take as much care in ensuring young lens wearers can properly and hygienically handle their lenses as he does in making sure post surgical patients are in the absolute best and healthiest lens possible.

Steve is well respected in the contact lens industry as the author of a new technology update column in the contact lens society’s quarterly publications. Lens manufacturers recognize and value his opinion and are constantly offering new lens designs to Steve and Theo E. Obrig, inc. as much as a year before general release to other eye care offices.

When you see Steve you can rest assured that he is taking the same care with your eyes and lenses as he would with his own.

Steve is a New York State Licensed Ophthalmic Dispenser and Contact Lens Fitter. As a second generation Fellow of The Contact Lens Society of America, he is also an active board member of the industries leading contact lens education organization.

Steve is currently serving as the chief of clinical support for Wave Contact Lenses as well as co-founder and operations officer for the online reading glasses store, You can find many of the wonderful styles of reading eyewear on the walls at Obrig Contact Lenses. Aside from all this, Steve is an active Triathlete and Father.