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New To Contact Lenses?

You Can Relax, We're Here To Take Good Care Of You

Are you new to contact lenses? Maybe you are curious about the exciting option of being eyeglass free without the risky complications of surgery. Or perhaps you attempted to wear lenses previously, but things did not work out quite as planned.

Contact lenses are a wonderful choice for vision correction and with all the hundreds of styles we have at our disposal, chances are there is a great lens system available for you. When you are fit by the specialists at Obrig, you can rest assured you will be a successful contact lens wearer. All we require from you is the desire to want to wear lenses. Leave the rest to us.

What You Can Expect at Your First Contact Lens Appointment

When you call to schedule your appointment, we will gather some basic information over the phone. This way we have most the information we need and all the paperwork is already filled out for you when you arrive.

At your first appointment, either Susan Mazure or Steve Cogger, will speak with you one on one to understand your contact lens expectations and ocular history. Then a few basic measurements are taken. All measurements are quick, simple, and most importantly painless. Contact lens measurements are all take by observation of the surface of the eye, therefore nothing touches your eye during this part of the examination.

Measurements will include observations such as, ocular surface quality, tear film, lid structure, corneal curvature, corneal topography, and refractive data. Refractive information is usually taken from an existing pair of eye glasses or a written prescription from your referring ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Once all required data is gathered, we will discuss our plan of action to get you wearing lenses you are comfortable in. We will combine your expectations with what is technologically possible with contact lenses and discuss this with you.

In many cases, soft contact lenses can be dispensed the first day. So it is possible to walk out of our office on day 1 wearing contact lenses. This is not a guarantee; it depends on the combination of all previous measurements.

Once we have you fit with lenses, it is your turn to learn to put on and remove your contact lenses. No body is allowed to take their lenses home until the staff at Obrig sees that you are capable of at least removing your lenses yourself. Now don’t worry, this is pretty easy when you are shown the correct way to do it. And we are experts at teaching people to handle their lenses.

We will also prescribe a care system to go along with your contacts. It is important to realize that the lenses selected and the care system work together.

Once you are able to handle your new lenses, we will provide you with a wearing schedule to allow your eyes to adapt to your new lenses. You can now take your lenses home and truly experience the vision.

Follow Up Appointment

After you have become more used to wearing lenses, you will return to our office for a follow up. This is usually within 1 to 2 weeks of the initial fitting. At this check, we want to ensure both you, your vision, and your eyes are doing well with lenses.

Susan or Steve will again speak with you one on one to discuss your lens wearing experience. If adjustments are necessary, we will make them at that time.

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