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Multifocal Contact Lenses

It is a fact of life that eventually we all need a little visual boost when reading up close. Thanks to multifocal contact lenses, that “visual road bump” just got a little easier to deal with.

What is Presbyopia?

The reason we need extra near vision correction, referred to as “add” is because the natural development of the eye eventually leaves our focusing lens (crystalline lens) not elastic enough to bend and focus. The lens inside the eye is constantly growing throughout life. When we are little children, the lens has incredible ability to adjust shape and in turn adjust our focus from distance to near vision.

Right around the age of 40, the lens has grown so much that it is just not able to focus enough for us to see up close; clearly. Over the following years, this lack of accommodative ability will become even more apparent. This condition is referred to as Presbyopia.

There are a couple options when dealing with presbyopia and contact lenses. The simplest solution is to continue wearing your distance vision lenses and use a pair of reading glasses when needed. We do carry a full line of reading eyeglasses, both in our office and online.

Another option is to let the contact lens fitters at Obrig evaluate your visual demands and your current lens system. It is sometimes possible to adjust the type or fit of the lens to improve your overall vision while easing eye strain at near.

Easing Presbyopia with Multifocal Contact Lenses

One way we do this is by implementing the use of multifocal contact lenses. Multifocal lenses incorporate a progressive optical zone that allows you to maintain good distance vision and incorporate a full time reading add.

The amounts of reading add and visual benefit will vary from person to person and lens design to lens design. Mutlifocals can be fit in both soft and gas permeable lens designs, making them a possibility for most any visual correction. When you are fit with multifocals at Obrig, we will ensure that the lens system you wear is the best for your visual demands and ocular health.

To Schedule a Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting simply call our office and let us know you are interested in restoring your near vision with contacts. Don’t delay, the sooner you begin correcting your near vision, the better long term results you might expect.

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