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Attention Contact Lens Experts

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Current and experienced lens wearers can often benefit from being upgraded to the latest in contact lens technology.

Often, existing lens wearers are happy with the lenses they are wearing and let years go by without seeing what is new. Every year the contact lens field is introduced with new lenses, lens materials, and fitting technologies. Are you curious if any of these advancements can improve your overall vision, comfort, and health?

In most instances, the latest breakthroughs in lenses are brought about from a public demand. Such as super oxygen permeable soft lenses and hybrid contact lenses.

Over the past year we have seen major advancements in both soft and gas permeable lenses. Soft lenses can be provided in more parameters and plastics than ever before. Including options such as single use lenses and extended astigmatic corrections.

Gas permeable lenses are an incredibly healthy option and provide excellent vision. The breakthroughs in gas permeable materials and designs now make them a better option for even more people.

From astigmatic lenses to multifocals and contact lenses for dry eyes, Obrig Contact Lenses is here to get you seeing the best you can by utilizing the latest technologies in contact lenses.

When you are ready to upgrade your contact lenses, call (212) 758-0973 to schedule an appointment