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Susan E. Mazure, FCLSA
Stephen G. Cogger, FCLSA
Obrig Contact Lenses


A Little Bit About Us and What You Can Expect

Theo E. Obrig, inc, Family Owned and Operated with over 40 years in the Contact Lens Field

Theo E. Obrig, inc. is a contact lens specialty practice located in the heart of New York City. Our history goes back many years to Obrig himself. Theodore Obrig is credited for discovering plastic polymers can be used in contact lenses. Prior to his research, contact lenses were actual glass. So all us lens wearers can give Obrig a huge “thanks” for making lenses a healthier and more comfortable option for vision correction.

While Obrig’s developments in the field of contact lenses were back in the 1930’s, today we are still on the forefront of contact lens technology. The two contact lens specialists, Susan Mazure and Steve Cogger, have a combined total of over 50 years experience in fitting and designing contact lenses.

Susan Mazure is president and chief contact lens specialist on staff.

Steve Cogger heads all new contact lens technology research in our office.

Both our lens specialists are Fellows of the Contact Lens Society of America, an elite group of professionals in the field. Making Obrig Contact Lenses the only office in New York City where you will have the experience of being fit by two fellows of the contact lens society.

Susan and Steve work very closely together, as they should. They are family, mother and son. Just one other reason you will find a level of caring an experience that is unsurpassed.

When you call or visit our office, you will be welcomed with a smile. Eleanor, Larissa, and Cassia are on staff to ensure that your visit, fitting, and contact lens care needs are all satisfied.